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Specialist Groups

Whether it is a group of photographers wanting access to unusual venues and locations, painters who wish to capture the still unspoiled, virgin Greek countryside, amateur or professional chefs wishing to interact with local industry experts or go to the source of biologically grown, fresh Greek produce, we have the contacts and the country-wide network to design unforgettable specialist group itineraries that immerse the visitor in the beauty and purity of Greece.

There are little-known areas of Greece that will appeal especially to the more discerning, special interest traveleller who is looking for authentic experiences of the best of Greek culture, cuisine and way of life.

The stone houses, cobblestone alleys, majestic mountains and deep gorges of Epirus; the whitewashed homes perched on cliffs, crystal-clear waters and picturesque, tiny chapels of the Cyclades; the forgotten mountain villages, exotic palm-tree beaches and stunning ancient palaces of Crete; these are just a few of the unique, often little-known treasures just waiting to be explored.

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