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Which areas of Greece do you cover?

We are able to design and deliver programmes anywhere in Greece. Depending on the brief, the profile of the participants and the objectives of the client, we will propose a selection of destinations that can successfully meet and surpass your expectations.

What currency do you accept?

All quotes, costs and all transactions to do with any event we handle in Greece are in Euros.

What is your deposit & payment policy?

Company Terms & Conditions stipulate that 90% of the total contracted cost of the event has to be paid in advance of the event’s kick-off date. Deposits are agreed with the client on a per event basis.

What is your insurance cover?

We are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance by a Lloyd’s list cover holder to a 7-digit figure annually.

What language are your proposals & correspondence in?

All proposals & further correspondence is in English. Greek can also be used at the specific request of a local (Greek based) client.

What is your site inspection policy?

For the first site-inspection, prior to confirmation, all costs are paid in advance by the client. In the event that the group confirms at the planned time, 50% of the cost of the first site inspection is deducted from the final bill of the event. Any further site inspections are charged in full.

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