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Canals, lakes and the sea form the backdrop to modern Copenhagen and act as a reminder of the city’s heritage as a major Baltic port. This role is also reflected in the city’s name, København, a corruption of købmanne hafen or merchants’ harbour.

Modern Copenhagen is the largest city in Scandinavia, but nevertheless retains a disarmingly provincial, small-town atmosphere that is instantly appealing. Gabled houses, narrow streets and a skyline that is dominated by delicate spires rather than hulking skyscrapers are all typical of the city.

Copenhagen is also, arguably, the greenest capital in Europe – much of the centre is reserved for pedestrians, strict anti-pollution laws are enforced and bikes often outnumber cars on the streets. Green spaces – including the world-famous Tivoli – abound, while, in the summer, cafés and restaurants occupy the pavements. The citizens of Copenhagen seem justifiably proud of their attractive, well-kept city and enjoy a quality of life that they are keen to share with visitors from other countries.

Why is it great for incentives?

  • Wonderful city with great flight access
  • Nyhavn: this is the famous harbour area where locals gather to “hang out” and drink beer. Great restaurants.
  • The harbour cruise: A superb way to get to know Copenhagen whilst enjoying a cocktail or two.
  • Tivoli Gardens: Literally a “fairytale” walled garden right in the heart of the city. Wonderful restaurants, fairground rides and amazing fountains and lights.
  • Cycling through the city is a must and bikes have right of way
  • Gastronomy: 15 Michelin stars awarded to 13 restaurants in the city.
  • Skybar: uber-chic location for pre-dinner cocktails
  • Cristiania: A free town established in 1971 right in Copenhagen. A distinct “Hippy 70’s feel prevails”. Amazing architecture as most of the 1000 inhabitants built their own houses.
  • The “Little Mermaid” Statue inspired by Hans Christian Andersen
  • Kronborg Castle (The setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet)
  • Museums and much, much more.

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